Associate Pastor

Students and Families

Employer:  Community Worship Center – Perryton, Texas


1.     Job Title:  Associate Pastor – Students and Families

  • Education and Experience: High School and Undergraduate Degree required. Seminary is not required. A history of serving in the church is valued – volunteering, internships, paid position (p/t and f/t)

2.     Work hours: 40 hours per week (with additional hours during certain seasons)

  1. Maintain regular office hours (Monday-Thursday 9:00am – 5:00pm)
  2. Lead and Assist worship opportunities on Sundays and Wednesdays
  3. Availability to meet with students, their families, and “servant team” members when possible
  4. Availability to assist church staff team members
  5. Availability to serve and be a resource for the Perryton community as needed

3.     Salary: Based upon education and experience + Benefits

4.     General Description of Job

  • Administration
  1. Develop vision, plans, events, and budget
  2. Communicate with staff, church, students, and families
  3. Recruit, train, and mobilize servants and leaders (adults and students) 
  4. Support Pastoral Staff
  • Ministry
  1. Teach and train students to live like Christ
  2. Live faith in healthy and relational ways – demonstrate love, obedience, and service
  3. Be a resource for and partner with families
  4. Develop various ways to accomplish the following
    • Present the Gospel
    • Love God
    • Serve others
    • Partner with sister churches to reach students and families in Perryton (and area)
  • Team Member
    1. Develop healthy relationships and partnership with other church staff
    2. Assist with church events such as Funerals, Weddings, Church Wide Events (i.e. Ladies Day, VBS, Harvest Festival, etc.… – as directed)

5.     Personality Characteristics: CWC is looking for a staff member who loves Christ, is motivated, who values others, develops healthy relationships (staff, church, students, families, and servants), is willing to grow and learn, and has a high regard for serving.

6.     Organizational Structure

  •        Associate Pastors are under the leadership of and directed by the Senior Pastor
  •        Elders Oversee and Serve the Church
  •        Staff and Elders Partner to serve the Church